Practical use of SNS

How should I use SNS effectively without losing self-control?

Problem when using SNS

I found three major problems when I was using SNSs.

At first, they are too addictive to me. I need to reduce my time spent watching and writing something with them.

Secondly, I was using them as an audience. I seldom promoted my creations through SNSs before. Many people accelerate their work effectively by revealing their activities on SNSs. I want to do the same thing.

Finally, I communicated with people infrequently. For the most of time, I chatted with myself. I am not saying it is not purely a waste of time, but not beneficial either.

This time, I am going to summarize how to use SNSs effectively without being trapped in these two,

What will be the ideal way to use SNS?

Most importantly, I should focus on what matters the most. By doing so, we can stop taking too much time using SNS.


What will be the practices for these? Here are my though as of today.

  • Reduce time on SNS
    • Try not to use SNS on your cell phone It could be a better strategy to allow yourself to use SNS whenever you want.
    • Make a good balance between personal life and SNS Define the time in which you DO NOT use SNS.
  • Focus on what is the most important.
    • Set your objective I will use SNS for my creative mind. Not for showing my complaint.
    • Promote your creations Use SNS for your creations, such as articles and/or art. Fewer food photos.
  • Talk to others
    • Use “mention” as much as possible Less self-talk. Encourage yourself to communicate with people you don’t know.
    • Consider your privacy and self-disclosure
    • Do not use an alternate personality To be a real me when communicating. Do not use a different personality and excuse for unpolite communication.


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